Comfort games, much like comfort food, are always there when you need them. For me, they are typically games that you are so good at you can’t possibly lose at. Or maybe you are always excited to take on a challenge. Either way, these are games that you always go back to.

The Tough Times

I can say without any hesitation that videogames have gotten me through some tough times. As of the time of this writing, I’ve come down with body aches, a headache,a sore throat, and nasty cough. I’ll be spending a good chunk of my day in bed, playing through one of my old favorite games. It’s not just about what to play while feeling sick, though. Games have gotten me through bouts of depression, recovery from surgery, everyday stress, and more.

The Chosen Few

My top two contenders are typically Metroid or Chrono Trigger, both something I can play on my 3DS. I know them both almost by heart, so there’s no real frustration. I’ve played both of these games several times through, so playing them again almost feels like home. I love the music, and often listen to their soundtracks while I work. Just hearing the first few opening notes makes feelings of nostalgia flood in.

What kind of games do you play when you’re feeling down? What has gotten you through tough times? Let us know in the comment section below.