Retro Cemetery Presents Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders Title Screen

Sunset Riders (Super Nintendo, Konami, 1993)

The nineties were a great time to be a gamer, and one of the main reasons why was Konami. They had a constant flow of fantastic games coming out in arcades and home consoles. Just one sliver of their greatness is the old west style run and gun shoot’em up classic Sunset Riders. It’s a multiplayer game with you and a buddy choosing one of four bounty hunters. Every level’s boss has a warrant out on their head. Each of the level’s has fun obstacles such as stampeding bulls, exploding dynamite, and more. A couple of the levels are auto scrolling, which was popular at the time. It changes up game play just a little bit and keeps the game feeling fresh. In this game, your horse is chasing after the bad guys while you jump over logs thrown at you and dodge bullets. The game has a ton of character and has some good humor in it. When playing two player, the player who deals the most damage to the boss is given the reward. The Sega Genesis version suffered some changes from the arcade version, such as only having two selectable characters, and only half the amount of bosses. The Super Nintendo version is more true to the arcade original. If you enjoy the beat’em classics of the nineties arcade games, you need to play this game. *Character select screen has been Photoshopped to show all four characters at once. Usually, only the highlighted character is shown and the rest are smaller, grayed out versions of themselves.

sunset riders introCharacter Selectsunset riders wantedsunset riders bull runsunset riders bosssunset riders horse ride