Shoryuken; One of the most recognizable moves in all of video game history. The name translates to “Rising Dragon Fist”. Ryu famously says “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.” in Street Fighter II, while he correctly says “You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance!” in later iterations.For example:


*Changes made for the sake of symmetry. Also, check out how much the artwork improved.

Oddly enough, Sheng Long is a Chinese name for a Dragon, and it’s not quite known why this was used in the American version of Street Fighter II. It also lead to a lot of confusion and made people believe that Ryu’s teacher’s name must be Sheng Long, which in turn lead to the best April Fool’s jokes in video game history. The magazine EGM had an article about how to fight Ryu’s teacher by completing a near impossible set of criteria. Plenty of people lied and said that they had achieved it, and other people might have believed them. It was in EGM, after all, and that was a good source of information. You’d be forgiven for thinking “they should have known better than to trust such an outlandish claim in an April issue”, but it actually ran in the February issue. You know, for the element of surprise. To throw gamers off their scent, they even had a contest entry FOR the April Fools day joke:

EGM Sheng Long

So really, they had their ducks in a row and this trick was really convincing. But I digress, this is about Shoryuken’s name and it’s painfully obvious origins. The two main characters are Ryu and Ken…and they both know the Shoryuken attack. Get it? Remove “sho”, which means “rising” and you get Ryuken. Aka Dragon Punch. Just two best buddies named Dragon and Punch who learned how to Dragon Punch from the same teacher at the same time. Crazy coincidence, right? Capcom, you’re so sly!