Pai Chan is a character that has been there since the beginning. She is the lone child of Lau Chan, another character from the series. Lau works tirelessly to perfect his martial arts, and has trained his daughter since a very young age. Oddly enough, the father and daughter duo fight with different styles, which brings us to…

Ensei-ken, also known as Mizongyi

…coming soon! (Maybe)

Legendary master Huo Yuanjia

You might be familiar with Huo Yuanjia and not even realize it. He is portrayed by Jet Li in the movie Fearless by Ronnie Yu. The movie is very loosely based on his life, and exaggerates many other moments of his life. Despite this, it’s still a good movie. Huo was the real life hero of China in a time when the Chinese were known as the “sick men of Asia”. China itself was under threat by foreign imperialist powers.

He’s most famous for the creation of the Chin Woo Association, which unified several different fighting styles under one roof. He also is renowned for defeating several foreign opponents in a highly publicized event. One time, accepted a challenge from a Russian wrestler who slandered the Chinese. Apparently, nobody would fight him until Huo came around. Hearing that he may actually have to fight, he backed down, claiming only to be a showman and not actually willing to fight.

Later, Huo fought the fearsome Hercules O’Brien. There is some debate as to whether or not the fight actually happened. Some say they couldn’t agree on a set of rules and Hercules backed down, while others say that he was afraid of Huo’s kicks and left the country. In the movie, as you can imagine, the fight takes place and the gigantic Nathan Jones is soundly defeated by Jet Li’s Huo Yuanjia.

His death

Huo died at a relatively young age, and his death was surrounded by mystery and conspiracy. He died sometime after fighting a Japanese opponent, so a common theory is that he was poisoned by the Japanese. His autopsy shows that arsenic was in his system. We now know that arsenic is a poison, however it was used in Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years, so it’s hard to tell if it was malicious or not.

Oddly enough, in the 1994 movie Fist of Legend, Jet Li plays the role of Chen Zhen, Huo Yuanji’s fictional student. In this movie, he solves Huo’s murder and gets revenge on the ones who did it. That movie is a remake of the Bruce Lee movie Fist of Fury. Due to some confusion though, it was called Chinese Connection in America. Donnie Yen, who played Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One has also played the role of Chen Zhen.

The style in action

Here are some examples of Pai’s style in action!

An example of Mizongyi forms

This is a clip of Chin Siu-ho teaching Jet Li a Miyongzi form from the excellent movie “Fist of Legend”. I consider  this to be Jet Li’s best movie. The fight scenes were directed by Yuen Woo-ping, who also choreographed the Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

(Footage taken from a Toma_Yui online fight)