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Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

Jackie Chan, patron saint of silly kung fu movies, action superstar, and all around supercop has actually been featured in more games than you probably realize. Not only was he in this super rare NES and Turbografx gem, as well as the PlayStation game Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster, but he was also featured in a whole……

New Contra Movie Brought to You by…China?

New Contra Movie

You Heard Right, China is Giving us a Contra Movie.

So far, all we have is a teaser trailer with very little information about the new contra movie itself. However, that teaser is more than I need to be sold on it. Once I heard the Contra theme play at the end, that was it. The……

The Netflix Castlevania Anime Trailer is Finally Here!

Netflix Castlevania anime

Dracula and friends are back for a Castlevania anime showdown

Netflix announced quite some time ago that they were doing a Castlevania anime series exclusively for their service. While for some reason I had in my……

Our first episode of Retro Cemetery is finally up!

Now you can watch us make idiots of ourselves on YouTube!  Please check out our video, as there will be many more in the future. We will be doing our best to bring you fun facts, trivia, history, and commentary on our favorite retro games. There will eventually be play throughs and footage of us……

Contra Review

Contra (NES, JP and NA February 1988)

Probotectors (NES, December 1990)

Contra, the run and gun classic for the NES. Famous for the rampant use of the “Konami……

Galactic Attack Review

Galactic Attack (Taito, 1995, Sega Saturn)

Known as Layer Section in Japan, and Rayforce in Europe, Galactic Attack was one of the best shmups from the ninties. It’s also available on the Playstation. It was the first……

Groove on Fight Overview

Groove on Fight (Sega Saturn, Atlus, 1997)

Groove on Fight is the third installment from the Power Instinct series. The series started in 1993, and was developed by Noise Factory. At a time when Street……

Contra Hard Corps Review

Contra Hard Corps (Sega Genesis, Konami, 1994)

It saddens me that whenever anybody talks about Contra, they speak highly of the first two on NES, and Contra III on Super Nintendo, and……