New Contra Movie

You Heard Right, China is Giving us a Contra Movie.

So far, all we have is a teaser trailer with very little information about the new contra movie itself. However, that teaser is more than I need to be sold on it. Once I heard the Contra theme play at the end, that was it. The original Contra is pretty light on story, as were most arcade games at the time, so I’m not terribly concerned about it. I always kind of liked to think of Predator as the first Contra movie, honestly.

There are several ways this could be awful, so I’m not without hesitation. Contra is very near and dear to my heart, but as far as video game adaptations go, the bar is pretty low. As long as it has big dudes blowing up horrifying aliens, I’ll be pleased. The Contra games have a history of fantastic and disgusting alien bosses and monsters, so I really hope they tap into the horror aspect of it.

How About a Game to go With That New Contra Movie?

Apparently, the Chinese market has a pretty good demand for Contra in general. Check out this made for China mobile game called Contra: Return. While it doesn’t look perfect, it does look like a lot of fun. This game was made by Tencent along with Konami, so maybe one day Konami will refocus their efforts towards their amazing backlog of gaming history.

This trailer came out a few weeks ago, but has barely been noticed by American audiences, (or at least as far as I can tell). Between this and the Castlevania anime series, I’m stoked! What do you think about this trailer? Are you excited or would you rather they not touch such a classic? Feel free to  let us know!