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Warriors of Fate, aka Tenchi Wo Kurau II

Warriors of Fate

As often happens, some foreign titles are too much for American audiences. I’ve seen countless Kung Fu movies with altered titles. Way of the Dragon became Return of the Dragon to……

Nintendo’s ARMS Is a Rock’em Sock’em Virtual-On

Being inspired by an idea and putting your own twist on it is nothing new. Some games do more than borrow ideas, as we’ve seen with Balloon Fight and Joust. But more recently, Nintendo just dropped an exciting new IP called ARMS. This well received small arena 3D fighting game might have borrowed elements from……

Virtua Fighter Profiles: Jacky Bryant, Jeet Kune Do

Jacky and Sarah Bryant are brother and sister characters that both use Jeet Kune Do, the Way of the Intercepting Fist. Bruce Lee created this method of fighting in 1967. Interestingly, they don’t fight the same at all. Typically in fighting games, these two would be clones of each other, but instead, they……

Groove On Fight Video Review

Prepare yourself for Groove On Fight!

Groove On Fight is a strange and fun 2D fighting game, a genre which has no shortage on the Saturn. Here is our video review of the game. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Virtua Fighter Profile: Pai Chan, practitioner of Ensei-ken

Pai Chan is a character that has been there since the beginning. She is the lone child of Lau Chan, another character from the series. Lau works tirelessly to perfect his martial arts, and has trained his daughter since a very young age. Oddly enough, the father and daughter duo fight with different……

Dragon Force Review

Dragon Force is an awesome game that stands out for being truly original. Really, there are no other games that are like it. From the charming chibi style to the fun real-time strategy, this game is outstanding. It is slow paced though, so if you are impatient, it might not be for you…….

Galactic Attack Review

Galactic Attack (Taito, 1995, Sega Saturn)

Known as Layer Section in Japan, and Rayforce in Europe, Galactic Attack was one of the best shmups from the ninties. It’s also available on the Playstation. It was the first……

Groove on Fight Overview

Groove on Fight (Sega Saturn, Atlus, 1997)

Groove on Fight is the third installment from the Power Instinct series. The series started in 1993, and was developed by Noise Factory. At a time when Street……